Pelion, holidays in a magic mountain

North and east of Volos, Pelion grows, the mountain of legends and Centaurs of the most beautiful and enchanting Greece.
Spreading over an area of approximately 50 km and highest peak at 1,624 meters, Pelion fascinated visitors uniquely combining mountain and sea.

The dozens of famous villages, are all characterized as traditional settlements because of exquisite natural landscape, great cultural heritage and typical local architecture.

Unforgettable experience is the route that follows the legendary “smudgy” atmilato the train of Pelion, operating since 1895.
Beautiful mountain trails give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountains, the sea and the wonderful villages.

In mountainous settlement, Hania, operates a modern ski resort with breathtaking views of the eastern and central Greece.
Note, also, that in many areas of Pelion made organized alternative tourism (horse riding, hiking, ecotourism routes, etc.).

Just visit Pelion will simply not understand that you arrived at another tourist destination, but at home, in Greece you have always dreamed of.