Volos - Pelion.
A mythical destination

Jason and the Argonauts

Volos is the Cathedral of the world Myth of the Argonauts. The first major naval expedition of the ancient Greeks is directly related to Iolkos, the dominant city of Pgasitiko the Bronze Age. From here began the Argo, the ship on which they boarded Jason and the Argonauts in order to travel to Colchis on the Black Sea (Russia border – Georgia) and to bring back the “golden fleece”.
Today, the modern Argo, reconstructed with materials and techniques of Myth era, belongs to the Municipality of Volos and is a unique exhibit worldwide.

The land of the Centaurs

In history and art centaurs depicted people in the upper part of the trunk and the horses down. Best known is the wise centaur Chiron, teacher including Asclepius, Jason and Achilles.
Is the first to use herbs to treat illnesses and injuries. According to legend Chiron belonged to that special race of Centaurs, who had a divine origin and was wise, fair, kind-hearted, friends and supporters of people.

The main pedestrian shopping street, interesting buildings, public palaces, the industrial facilities of the early 20th century and the historic churches make browsing Volos really enjoyable.

The remarkable cultural activity, the multiform mosaic of its inhabitants and the lively university community complement the image of the city.

Argo is the symbol of the city. The mythical ship that became known worldwide through the myth of the Argonauts Argonauts and Jason to Colchis.

Few km. West of the city are the archaeological sites of Sesklo (the settlement dates back to 6000 BC and is the oldest in Europe) and Dimini (the most famous prehistoric settlement of Greece and the most important of the younger Neolithic Period).

Whatever you hear about this place is true. The potential of the area, although it sounds exaggerated, it is true.
Everything is true.
Volos Pelion is true.