Hike where the gods spent their holidays

Hiking in the mountains is a fulfilling activity that is drawing the attention of increasingly more visitors. Pelion offers a variety of trails to follow and discover the true nature of the mountain. There are many options in and around every village for anyone who wants to try some hiking.

The trails of the Centaurs in Portaria and Jason’s trail in Alli Meria, a walk to Makrinitsa, and the Makrinitsa-Stagiates route are just a few of the easier choices.

There are also options of varying difficulty, such as the climb from Volos to Makrinitsa and Portaria and then up to Chania, near the peak of Pelion; from Chania along a route with lovely villages such as Drakeia, Agios Vlasios, Agios Georgios and to the seaside village of Lechonia on the Pagasetic Gulf; or from Tsagarada to the harbour of Damouchari and then to Papa Nero beach on the Aegean.

These treks require better preparation: gathering information on the internet or consulting maps, or turning to one of the many guides working on Mount Pelion.

Action and fun in green and blue

Pelion's potential has helped to develop a number of activities on the mountain and the sea that will make your experience unique.
These include:


There are five gorges in eastern Pelion with an easy or intermediate rating. All of the gorges are completely safe and have been charted in detailed guides. Specialised companies in Volos and Pelion will guide you through the gorges of Pelion and their gurgling waters. The best time to go canyoning is from March to June.


Fans of equestrian tourism will enjoy one of the many options available along the Centaur trails and the forests of Pelion. Courses range from short to long, from 1 hour to 3 days, and introduce both beginner and experienced riders to the traditional villages and forested trails in the area. Riding stables in Pelion are prepared to accommodate horse-riding fans.

Trekking - Mountain-biking

Many of the hiking trails are also suitable for mountain bikes. These courses follow along narrow forest or agricultural roads with lush vegetation, including olive groves, plane trees, or cross through the forests of chestnut trees. There is a wide range in altitude, though routes with few downhills and gentle uphills can also be selected.


Both large and small sail boats await to take you on a tour of the Pagasetic coastline. From the base port of Volos, a number of sailing schools provide an opportunity for day trips or multi-day trips around the Pagasetic Gulf or to the Northern Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos). Most schools charter their boats with or without a certified skipper.


There are incredible beaches along both the Pagasetic Gulf and on the shores of Eastern Pelion for autonomous and freediving. Modern, specialised diving schools in the city of Volos offer safe diving excursions with complete, state-of-the-art equipment.

Sea kayaks

Another interesting activity that takes advantage of the calm waters of the sheltered Pagasetic Gulf for paddling to nearby or outlying destinations. No matter where you go, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Volos and the mountain of the Centaurs.

Stop in at the picturesque harbours and beaches along the Pagasetic to sample some of the local flavours at the restaurants on the sea. The sea is usually calm in the mornings, and there are many small beaches for a swim along the way.

All activities are led by specialised tourist offices eager to be of service.